Prostate brachytherapy or interstitial implantation of radioactive seeds is the modern method for the treatment of prostate cancer. This attractive idea is based on the ability of an adequate dose of radiation to kill cancerous cells and is accomplished by precise placing of sources. This relatively new method became feasible due to technological advancements in imaging (transrectal ultrasound) and in computer software. The dose delivered to prostatic tissue is the most important factor predicting outcome. The latest method called Real-Time method can deliver the appropriate dose while simultaneously spares surrounding tissues and organs. Can be applied as monotherapy in confined disease or combined with external beam irradiation in locally advanced disease.

20-year provided results are excellent and are the highest that can be achieved in the treatment of prostate cancer.


Stone N. Nelson: inventor of Real Time technique

Stone N. Nelson: inventor of Real Time technique, Professor of Urology and Radiation Oncology, Mount Sinai Hospital, New York.