In which age should prostate screening begin?

Prostate cancer screening (PSA and physical examination) should generally begin at the age of 45. African-Americans, or men with a family history of the disease should begin screening earlier, at the age of 35.

Which are the symptoms of prostate cancer?

When the lesion is small in both prostate cancer and prostate hyperplasia, syptoms might not be present at all. As tumor grows following syptoms may appear:


  • General prostate enFrequency (frequent urination)
  • Nyctouria (frequent urination at night)
  • Straining (difficulty in starting urination)
  • Weak stream
  • Intermittent urination (interrupted urine flow)
  • Burning in urination
  • Urinary retention (inability to urinate)
  • Blood present in urine or sperm
  • Sexual or ejaculation dysfunction
  • Bone pain (in advanced cancer)